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We loved working with you...


“Leila helped with my four year old twins. She listened, empathised and I never felt one ounce of judgment. After 2 weeks, their sleep issues have been solved. It’s a miracle! We all needed to get more sleep, but more than that we needed something positive. We are getting better sleep, and we’re a happier family”

Aly, mum of twins age 4, Emery & Arden (Spain)


“Natalie has been invaluable in helping us establish routines for our daughter, so that  Amara is more settled, goes to sleep faster and is now sleeping for longer periods. Natalie spent time getting to know our family and the difficulties we were experiencing so that she could offer a tailored plan that was at just the right pace for us.”



Parents Keisha and Francis and daughter Amara aged 18 months (UK)


"We couldn't believe how quickly bedtime changed for our family - unbelievable! The beauty of the sleep tool was that you can make it your own to suit your family & child. We really enjoyed working with Natalie who was understanding, kind, supportive, patient & put our son at the core."

Jennie, mum of Austin aged 5 (UK)


"Leila has recently transformed our evenings and made bedtimes fun again. Leila takes you on a journey at your own pace, and uses gentle methods and techniques which are tailored individually to the child. We cannot recommend her highly enough."



Parents Richard, Monica & daughter Marielle aged 2.5 (UK) 


"Our toddler mostly co-slept with us for over 3 yrs & took at least an hour to sleep.  Sleep training went against our values. Now he can settle in his bed (without distress). We’re more available & loving to our children now we’re sleeping ourselves. I recommend Leila wholeheartedly for those looking for a gentle approach."


Beth, Clive &  Finn aged 3 years (Spain)


"Before we had help from Natalie our days were all over the place. Summer was fighting sleep - we were all shattered! I turned to Natalie for help and advice and we are so glad we did.


Summer is now 6.5months old and is able to put herself to sleep. We feel so much more confident in our sleep journey"

Emma, mum of Summer aged 6.5 months (UK)  

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