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How can we help you

Our journey will begin by getting to know your little one and their own unique sleep needs.  Every family we have worked with has seen a big improvement when it comes to their child's sleep, and guess what? no ´traditional sleep training´ methods were used!  Get in touch and we can help discuss the best option for you.

Mother and Baby on Floor

Comfort call


An option to give you reassurance as to why sleep is hard right now.  We will look at your little one's sleep, set strong sleep foundations and discuss any quick wins to help you all get more rest.


Snapshot questionnaire review


1 hour face to face online consultation


Written summary of consultation


A Toddler and a Baby

The Sleep Circle


We will delve into each layer of your little one's Sleep Circle, uncovering their unique sleep needs.  This plan will set you on your way for a better night's sleep for the whole family.  Includes reassurance support in the weeks that follow .



Holistic questionnaire and sleep diary analysis


90 minute face to face online consultation


Personalised Sleep Circle written review


2 x Reassurance check ins (one within a week of the consultation, the second whenever you need us)

1 hour a week WhatsApp support for 2 weeks


*Optional reassurance add-ons

Newborn Baby

Newborn Sleep Shaping


Knowledge is really powerful when it comes to your little one and their sleep.  This package will enable you to set up healthy sleep foundations for your newborn. Making the sleep journey a whole lot more enjoyable.



Understanding what to expect at the newborn stage

Achieving the best sleep that is possible for a newborn

1 hr 30 mins of coaching

0 - 3 or 3-6 month package

Discount code available for both packages

Putting your mind at ease

Personalised sleep plan

Guidance for those early days

*Reassurance add-on: 30-minute call: £45 Or Email add-on: £25 


Will I need reassurance add-on's if  I choose The Sleep Circle Package?

Infant sleep isn't linear. Fact. So we will never promise a result by a fixed time. Instead, we will provide you with information to help you feel more confident and empowered about your little one's sleep. Our journey together may end after our initial sessions, or you may decide you need to add in follow-up support, now or in the future. The flexibility reflects the very nature of infant sleep. 

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