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Along came Rosaby


Natalie & Leila

Certified Infant Sleep Coaches

Infant sleep can be utterly exhausting.  Quite literally because you are not getting much sleep yourself.  But also, because there is an ocean of information out there and the expectations around the subject can be overwhelming.

Contrary to the popularised messaging that exists, there is no ‘normal’ when it comes to little ones and their sleep. There is no magic solution.  The very notion of this idea puts parents under pressure to fix a ‘problem’. 

So here we are at Rosaby, two first-time mums and infant sleep specialists, Leila and Natalie, who like many of you have experienced the very harsh realities of sleep deprivation that no amount of coffee, midnight biscuits or ‘sleeping when they sleep’ can fix.  

You know the parent you can be on better sleep.  That's what you want.  That's what you need.  


Fuelled with the passion to find out more on this overwhelming subject, we re-trained to become infant sleep coaches. It was the only way we felt comfortable knowing what path to take. We can trust ourselves after all. It was the best decision we ever made.

There is no one-size fits all answer. But there is a lot you can do to help your family get a better nights sleep. Knowing what to expect, knowing what’s normal and being compassionate to what your little one might be going through, can make the sleep journey within your family a whole lot more peaceful. 


We are here to drown out the noise and to put you back in control of your families sleep.


o   Holistic sleep coaching – OCN accredited

o   The Sleep Nanny: CPD certified

o   Tongue tie student (in process)

o   Reflux and colic student (in process)

o   Mamma's x 2

Our philosophy

Sleep deprivation is tough, mentally and physically and the very subject can cause huge anxiety for new parents. The mental health side drives our passion to help families. 

Yet, infant sleep is widely misunderstood and there is no information provided as part of basic postnatal care (we will come on to our campaign around this soon). There are, however, a million opinions on the subject. These misconceptions and opinions often leave parents feeling like they've failed.

It doesn’t need to be so confusing and exhausting.  Information overload is half the problem.  As sleep specialists, we desperately want to help your whole family get a better night’s sleep, because we know how much better you feel when this happens. 

But we want to do this in a different way.  There will be no ‘cry it out’ or ‘timed check-ins’ type methods. If you want to do them, there is no judgment at all, we are just not for you. We want to help by being guided by your little one and we won’t ever mention bad habits. 

That's not to say we are baby whisperer's :) But we use a holistic approach called The Sleep Circle, which puts the child at the core. It does not push ´sleep through the night´ type goals or set timescales which can put unnecessary stress on the entire family.  It's an approach that has enabled us to feel empowered as parents and truly begin to understand the world of infant sleep. 

Rosa and Aby, still have very different sleep experiences, yet the knowledge we have has enabled us to feel at peace with it all. We now enjoy it*.  The cuddles, the bedtimes, we learned to let go of the fear of bad habits and it was life-changing. 

*Important: we absolutely don’t enjoy it when we hit a phase and nights are bad. It can still happen!

The Sleep Circle 


We created The Sleep Circle tool, to help parents better understand the unique sleep needs of their little ones. Guess what? This is the first and most important step in a family's sleep journey.

We also created it because we have been closely following the community of parents looking for answers and we realised they were looking for a ‘plan’ along with reassurance that things will get better.

The Sleep Circle is the alternative plan.  One that does not promise results, but will help you to understand what might be going on and 99% of the time will make some life changing improvements to your little one's sleep, positively impacting the whole family. 


As distinctive as their own fingerprint, each child has their own unique Sleep Circle and each layer within the Circle can strongly impact sleep. We help families to put their detective hats on and work through layer by layer to understand what could be going on with their little ones´ sleep.

The Circle looks at sleep holistically. It is common for sleep solutions to jump straight to self regulation (better known as self soothing). The Circle does the opposite.


Self regulation is actually the final layer that is considered in each childs´ Circle because in our experience, focusing on the other critical layers alone can be the real game-changer.

You can download our free Sleep Circle Guide.

© Rosaby 2021

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