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Empowering parents to rest their mind (and  eyes) when it comes to their little one´s sleep.  

Knowledge is power

It's exhausting trying to figure out why your little one isn't sleeping. We've been there. You may have had a really tough day - naps didn't happen or bedtime was a battle and it's broken you. Rest your sleepy eyes with us at Rosaby.  Through the power of knowledge, we will put you back in control and help you to help the whole family get a better nights sleep.

Unique to Rosaby, get an insight into our Sleep Circle journey and other free resources, to help understand what might be going on with your little ones' sleep. You may not need us after all.


About us

Sleep deprivation can rock you to the core.  It’s exhausting.  Then there is a sea of information out there around infant sleep which makes you feel lost.  We know the feeling all too well.  


Our daughters Rosa and Aby had very different sleep experiences, one was a unicorn and the other was up every 45 minutes (ugh!)


Our approach as mums was also different, but what bonded us together was the sense of failure and exhaustion we both felt over the subject of sleep. It's draining isn't it?     


We needed answers but like many of you, didn't know where to find them. So we pushed societal norms aside and went on a journey to unearth the real 'normal', letting our own daughters guide us. 


 This journey enabled us to feel a huge sense of relief and to feel free from the noise of bad habits and expectations.  And that's our promise to you. That sense of relief, that long deep sigh, that moment of understanding, that we want to pass on to you - all whilst helping your whole family get a better night's sleep.

Packages that put your child at the core

At the core of all our packages is the focus of helping your little one(s) feel secure in their sleep space.  We will always provide you with options so that you can choose the right approach for your family and child.  Please say hi and we can help discuss the best option for you.

Newborn Baby
Mother and Baby on Floor
A Toddler and a Baby

We loved working with you...

“Natalie’s support with our baby’s sleep has made a truly positive impact on our life as a family. Through her nurturing approach of really getting to know Ava and her routine, we have been able to work on gentle and achievable strategies with a successful outcome.”

Mum, Lydia and her little girl Ava  

“Life before Leila was rough! When my son was 8 months I had to leave my job -it was just impossible for me to work full time and be up all night. After a week a new schedule had him sleeping through the night with minimal, or no wake-ups. Leila completely changed our lives and I am forever grateful to her for that!"

Mum, Kira and her little boy Keaton

We had tried so many things to help our little sleep fighter get himself to sleep and stay asleep. Leila and Natalie provided us with a tailored sleep schedule that worked perfectly. It meant that he was rarely overtired and so much easier to get to sleep and a happier baby. We could have never imagined our son falling asleep in his cot without being upset.

Parents Julie, Terry and their little boy Tommy



Inspired by our fearless daughters we will be campaigning to provide families with access to trusted sleep education and support from day one. 

We are speaking to many parents who feel let down by the support they received.  If you'd like to share your story, please get in touch. 

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